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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started?

In order to start investing with Boomipay, you need to take the following steps:
1. Signup on our platform and after this, Open a Digital Currency account either with Paxful Bitcoin.
2. Create your Paxful Bitcoin digital wallet if you don’t have one already, Create a Bitcoin account from website Or Download and the bitcoin app

Transfer Bitcoins to your wallet

There are online exchangers that facilitate the exchange of fiat and bitcoin. Online exchanges accept domestic or international payment including wires and then proceed to sell your standard currency and buy Bitcoin. Links to buy bitcoin from below exchangers. If you do not find any listed agent in your country, do not worry. Contact support and we will be willing to help you locate an exchanger in your country.
Where to Buy or Sell Bitcoins


South Africa










Lesotho & Swaziland



Sending money to another Bitcoin user

How do you send them to other people? Simple, all you need is their Bitcoin address. Ask them for it, check their web page etc- you are looking after a bitcoin address that looks like yours (a long string of random characters). Once you have the address you want to send the bitcoins to, click the "Send coins" button in the bitcoin application, enter the amount and address, and click "Send".

Transfer funds into investment account

Make a deposit into the investment company account. Go to make deposit page, enter investment amount and choose Bitcoin as payment method. click on preview button and confirm the request.

Receive Your Weekly Interest Payments.

Your interest will be paid according to your Investment package in US Dollars.

Can I withdraw my investment anytime?

You are welcome to withdraw your investments as per the package you selected after your investment has expired.

Can I withdraw my profits every week??

Yes, all packages have weekly interest withdrawal plans except for BOOMI-MASTER, which has a FORTNIGHT withdrawal plan. But note that, your weekly withdrawals started from end of the second week after your investment is successfully received on our platform.

Can I join the affiliate program?

Yes, all members have equal opportunity to build their team. To grow fast with your investment with us, you can choose to refer other investors to this great opportunity and get paid.

Do I get commissions if I refer someone?

YES, you get paid up to the 7th generation of your Binary legs. But the interest on your invested amount is paid with or without any referrals under you.

How do I check my earnings?

Long into your back office to check all your investments and commissions earned. Be reminded not to share your password with anyone and if you suspect any breach, kindly contact support or reset immediately.

Can I compound my interest/ reinvest my commissions and interest?

No. You are not allowed to do this.

Can I renew my investment after maturity?

Yes. You can do this.

How much can I withdraw weekly?

You can withdraw all your earned interest & commissions on your affiliate program, but note that, your weekly withdrawals started from end of the second week after your investment is successfully received on our platform and that of your referrals.

How long does it take for my withdrawals to be processed?

All withdrawal request is processed within 12 hours from the time you submit them, but since we do not control the payment gateways (processors) you should expect a reflection of withdrawal payment in your bitcoin wallet at most 24 hours.

How can I convert the funds in my account into cash?

After you receive your profit into your account you can transfer it back into your bank account. To do this you will need to use the services provided by exchangers mentioned in Step3. Or sell it online to anyone.

Can I make a deposit via Paypal?

No, unfortunately, we do not accept deposits via PayPal. But you can easily transfer the funds you have in your PayPal accounts into Paxful bitcoin accounts and then invest.

How safe is my investment?

Your investment is safe with us, we have all that it takes and regulations to protect your investment as we work for you. You can even become a partner with us to get to understand more on this opportunity.

Why do you accept cryptocurrencies only?

Technology has changed the world drastically and we believe every person must get to understand the opportunities in the crypto currencies and its future. As the world’s transition from physical tender bills to electronic money system is growing faster, the use of crypto is the goal and opportunity for everyone. With Boomipay, you do not just invest but also get the opportunity to join a massive global crypto currency market.